Blogging Avoiding High Gas Prices With a 'Staycation'

Blogging Avoiding High Gas Prices With a 'Staycation'

Tammy Everts
Jul 30, 2008

It's probably too early in the twenty-first century for us to be complaining of portmanteau fatigue. (We blame Bennifer and Brangelina.) Despite that, we're still intrigued by one of the latest buzzwords to hit the media scene: "staycation."

The concept is fairly self-evident: it's a vacation you take without leaving your home. Sounds easy, right? Then why is it that every time our family tries to do this, we fall into the same old patterns of chores and regular activities? MSNBC contributor Jeff Brown claims to have the solution. Brown breaks down the rationale behind why an at-home vacation is a good idea, both financially and psychologically, and then he spells out practical tips for avoiding staycation pitfalls.

Brown claims that his family has enjoyed a couple of staycations, so we're willing to hear what he has to say. For starters, he states that "The real obstacle is psychological. Americans have been conditioned to think a vacation means travel. Expensive vacations help us keep up with the Joneses."

So how do we break out of the rut? The key is making a "staycation plan," just like you would create any other travel itinerary. Take care of your chores and projects ahead of time, then get your hands on some local travel guides and look at your city or town through a tourist's eyes. And don't forget to set a budget and build some down time into your schedule.

But why stay at home instead of going abroad? According to Brown:

The average American vacation will cost $244 per day for two people for lodging and meals. The priciest destination will be Honolulu, where room and food for two adults will average $673 a day. Add some kids and airfare, and a 10-day vacation could top $10,000, easy. Wow!
This is just an average, and you could save money by staying in discount hotels and keeping away from full-service restaurants. Still, it makes you think. Imagine if you spent all that and it rained!

Yikes. Okay, we're semi-sold on the idea. How about you? Would you (or have you) ever vacationed at home? Would you do it again? Any tips?

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