Slow Sunday

Slow Sunday

Jul 25, 2008

In our small-town youth, Sunday really rested. Stores were closed, TV was unwatchable and most of what you absolutely had to have waited until Monday. And it was good (often boring, but good). Twenty-four-hour culture has long since mutated Sunday into another day of unrest. Even much of the green dialogue revolves around buying. So what if we reclaimed Sunday as a day to consume, use and operate less?

Green, sure, but it would also have an impact on our own well-being, relationships and awareness of what we really need. Or don't.

So says Resurgence, an earnest, old-school magazine that calls for a collective Slow Sunday once a month.

Are you in?

It started with even greater amibition. UK-based Resurgence first advanced Green Sundays, a personal weekly elimination of all non-essential fossil fuel use to produce a cumulative positive impact on the earth and your life in general.

Now it's a monthly event with a theme, and begins this Sunday. The debut notion: Making bread by hand, as opposed to buying as shipped and preserved in-store.

How do you make bread?

Never absolutists, we are ready to join the endeavor in spirit, if not specifics. Eighty-five degrees is a little hot to preheat the oven. We do pledge to buy nothing, log on less (gotta start somewhere) and take all Sunday drives via bicycle.

Ready to give Sunday a well-deserved rest?

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