Cute & Coveted: Faux Cobblestone Street

Cute & Coveted: Faux Cobblestone Street

Tess Wilson
Oct 18, 2012

In college, I lived on a little cobblestone street. I knew a few people who found it annoying to drive or bike down our block, what with all the bumpity-bumpity, but I loved it, and knew it might be the only time in my life when I'd get to live on a real cobblestone street. Well, it's not quite the same, but I was inordinately pleased to see that one of my favorite blocks in San Francisco recently had a faux-cobblestone street put in...

I find the new street charming- not quite as charming, perhaps, as true old-world cobblestone, but not as bumpity or treacherous to bike on in the rain either. I was able to see the crew creating this road over the span of several days, and it was fascinating. They used a big...stamp to create the impressions, pressing it in and then moving on to the next section. (The best analogy I can think of is that at the bakery where I work, we have a honeycomb cookie cutter that's basically 9 hexagons attached to each other. You move the cutter from one section to the next, with no dough wasted between each hex-cookie. I'm sure that example helps.) Anyway, it was very cool to watch, very careful & precise, and I would have loved to join in. Does baking experience help?

I was caught off-guard the day I walked past and the road had been colored this terra cotta. What do you think? I'm withholding judgement until it has a little time to age and get a nice patina. I think it's a good color, and fits into its environment, but it's definitely lighter & brighter than the cobblestone streets I've known.

Has anyone had this done at their place? And how on earth would you get your whole street done? If I remember the name of the company that did this particular block I'll add it, but a search for "stamped concrete [your city here]" should yield some good places to start.

(Images: Tess Wilson)

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