House Tour: Ed's High Speed, High End, Landmark

House Tour: Ed's High Speed, High End, Landmark

Jill Slater
Jul 23, 2008

Name: Ed
Location: Downtown Brooklyn
Size: 760 sqft 'studio' (with 'home office') condo
Lived in: 1 year


Ed has no patience for shopping. He looks at something and within a few minutes will decide whether he likes, buys it and usually feels good about the decision thereafter. When Ed moved into this apartment, he sold almost everything in his last apartment except the art, to the new tenants. So, this was a fresh start and Ed relished the chance to acquire new things...


The apartment has gone through tough times including spreading mold under the floorboards and a raining waterfall between the interior wall and the exterior landmark facade. With tons of professional experience as a realtor and managing agent, Ed easily served as his own contractor to put together his space. He bought the apartment in plan form only and was part of the first wave to live in the newly converted space. He worked, directly, with plumbers, tilers, electricians, and those who installed the marble countertops. Thanks to his no nonsense approach to organizing and subcontracting in general, Ed was able to have interior work that others see happen in months, finished in 3 days.

Because of time constraints and patience constraints, Ed shopped primarily at stores that were within a few yards of his office. As a result, almost all the decor comes from Capelini, DWR, Potrauna Frau, and Maurice Villency.

For personal touches, he likes to buy art from artists he meets, to commission pieces, or to buy sculpture and maps while traveling.

AT Survey:

  • Style: Modern

  • Inspiration: Seeing tons of model apartments

  • Favorite Element: The open-ness of the space

  • Biggest Challenge: Finding a dining area

  • What Friends Say: It's not really warm

  • Biggest Embarrassment: The closets

  • Proudest DIY: I don't know what DIY is.

  • Biggest Indulgence: My sofa

  • Best Advice: Hide all TV and music equipment!


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