Roundup: Stuff To Get While In Asia

Roundup: Stuff To Get While In Asia

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 14, 2008

Officially the last in trial blogger Range's Tech Market in Asia series, we get to see what's the best technology available at bargain prices halfway across the world from our New York offices.

Even though you might not have been able to get the new 3G iPhone, there are still lots of interesting things that you can get in technology markets in Asia. As mentioned before, these markets exist in most big Asian cities.

Last year, the point-and-shoot camera buying rage hit Taiwan in full swing. Point and shoots with touch screens and gigantic screens were what were desired. This year, it's about iPhones, MacBook Airs, Sony TZs and memory. Lots and lots of memory. It's one of the best things to get here, since it's incredibly cheap over here.

Some of the best things to get are small portable things, like USB flash drives, CF memory cards for your camera and laptops. Here are some of my picks from my foray into the Technology Market this week. I've included prices to give you an idea how expensive these things are. Prices have come down significantly on these items in the last six months. In January, a 16GB V60 USB flash drive from Transcend was 80$. I checked the list price for a Transcend 32GB 133X CF card a few weeks ago, and it was a bit over 200$ in the US.

Of the laptops I've listed, I find that the U6 is a really good buy. It's an ultraportable laptop, but with all of the conveniences of bigger laptops. If you can't get the Sony TZ series (which is pretty expensive) and you want something similar, the U6 is the laptop to get. It's got genuine leather as a handrest, and a touchpad that can function as a numeric pad.

Transcend 8 GB 133X CF 34$
Transcend 16 GB 133X CF 73$
Transcend 32 GB 133X CF 136$
Transcend 8 GB 300X CF 110$
Transcend JetFlash V60 8GB 25$
Transcend JetFlash V60 16GB 45$
Transcend JetFlash V60 32GB 110$
Asus F9S 12" T8300 2GB RAM 250GB HD 1100$
Asus U6Ep 12" T8300 2GB RAM 250GB HD 1346$

[via HotHardware]

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